Introducing Chef Stephen Ascencios

We are beyond thrilled and very proud to introduce Chef Stephen Ascencios, our newest addition to the Lodge at Moosehead Lake. His impressive experience and credentials along with his passion for incredible cooking, make him the perfect chef to serve our valued guests. A Certified Executive Chef, he has experience from around the globe including Paris,…

Moose in the water

All About Our Favorite Creatures – MOOSE!

Although we all know what moose are, chances are, you haven’t really gotten to know the incredible creatures they are. Here are some fast facts you should know… 24 Facts About Moose: The plural of moose is moose. The collective name for a group of moose is a herd or gang. Moose is an Indian…

Restored vintage wooden canoe on the water

Vintage Maine Canoe Restored

The restoration of a vintage canoe is surely a labor of love. The iconic Old Town Canoe Company, located in Old Town, Maine was started in 1898 and to this day will make you a wood and canvas canoe for about $9,000. Today’s canoes from modern fiberglass, plastic and aluminum out sell the wood because…

Moose by the lake

Maine Wildlife Tracking & Adventure Packages

Maine is well known for its wildlife. Our state has one of the largest moose and black bear populations in the “Lower 48”. Guest of the Lodge at Moosehead Lake that are interested in Maine wildlife watching can get a complete list of all the animals you can find in the North woods of Maine. Animal track cards…

Fishing in Maine

Fishing in Maine : Guided Trips at Moosehead Lake

Fishing in Maine in the Moosehead Region offers something for everyone.  A glance at any map reveals a number of bodies of water ranging in size from Moosehead Lake to ponds of only a few acres.  There is plenty of action for spin casters as well as for fly casters; for novices and for experts. …

Mom moose and her calf

Spring Brings Moose Cow and Calf Sightings

The cycle of life renews itself in the spring when the warmth of the longer days brings new vegetation. Expectant moose give birth after about an eight month gestation to one or two calves. In late May and June, cow moose seem to move to lower-lying areas near water sources to calve. Twins are not…

Bear Room bed and lake view

Beautifully Remodeled Bear Room :: Luxury Maine B&B

When you own a lodge, a lot goes into a room remodel but most importantly it must appeal to a diverse customer base, particularly guests looking for a luxurious experience. First, the Bear room had to retain the bear theme.  The beds in the Lodge are all hand carved and are the focal point of each…

Stay Small, Stay Safe

The health and safety of our guests, staff, and families are our top priority, and we have made some important changes to prepare for your future visit to Maine. Find out how you can stay small, stay safe and we hope to welcome you soon!

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