Moosehead Lake Seaplane Tours

Moosehead Lake Seaplane Tours

Make the memories of a lifetime and see the world from a whole new perspective with Moosehead Lake seaplane tours. Moosehead Lake is beautiful no matter how you choose to enjoy it. Whether you’re hiking a trail, floating out on the water, or even just relaxing on shore, the area’s natural beauty is as undeniable…

B-52 Crash Site Memorial on Elephant Mountain

B-52 Crash Site Memorial on Elephant Mountain

In January 1963, a Boeing B-52 on a training mission crashed on Elephant Mountain, killing seven crew members. The wreckage covers several acres of the forest near Greenville and has been preserved as a B-52 Crash Site Memorial. Moosehead Lake is home to a great many things to see and do but the B-52 crash…

Mount Kineo State Park

Visit Mount Kineo State Park

Mount Kineo is an 800 foot tall peninsular mountain rising dramatically from the depths of Maine’s Moosehead Lake. The majestic peninsula, located on the north east side of the lake, offers a fascinating history, miles of hiking trails, a golf course, and stunning views. There’s so much to do at Moosehead Lake that it can…

Katahdin Cruises

Katahdin Cruises and Moosehead Marine Museum

Discover the natural beauty and rich history of Maine’s Moosehead Lake from aboard the historic steamboat Katahdin. Katahdin Cruises are one of the areas most popular attractions, offering a variety of leisurely lake cruises as well as operating the Moosehead Marine Museum. There are lots of fun things to do on and around Moosehead Lake,…

Lily Bay State Park

Explore Lily Bay State Park

Lily Bay State Park is one of the most popular spots along the shores of Moosehead Lake. The 925 acre destination offers hiking, boating, fishing, wildlife, and more. Plus it’s just 10 minutes up the road from The Lodge at Moosehead Lake! There are lots of wonderful, outdoor recreation destinations around Moosehead Lake but Lily…

moose in Moosehead Lake

Discover Moosehead Lake – Largest Lake In Maine!

If you’re looking for supreme relaxation and endless outdoor adventure, then Moosehead Lake is the destination for you! Maine’s largest lake, located in the Maine Highlands region, offers fishing, hiking, boating, wildlife, and more. Moosehead Lake really does kind of resemble the head of a moose, antlers and all, when viewed from above. The lake…

Things To Do in Greenville ME

Things To Do in Greenville, ME

Visitors come from all over to experience the natural wonders of Moosehead Lake but what about shops and restaurants? Nothing beats the beauty and splendor of the great outdoors but are there other things to do in Greenville, ME? The Lodge at Moosehead Lake truly does offer the best of both worlds. Not only do…

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