Honeymoon or Anniversary at the Lodge

You may of wondered why we use eagles to represent our honeymoon and anniversary package.   Eagle pairs mate for life, although if one dies, the other will promptly find a new mate. Each couple stakes out a territory of about two miles square and protects it from all other eagles. Nests are built in high trees or in rocky crags, and can reach five feet or more in diameter. There they care for and raise the few chicks that hatch each year, training them to carving a living out of the North woods. Only one to three eggs are laid, and those only when the weather and conditions seem good for raising a chick. The eggs are incubated for just over a month, and after three to four months, they are flying and almost self sufficient.

Bald Eagles have come back from endangered species status and have rebuilt a stable population.  They can live for up to thirty years and can be spotted in many areas of the Moosehead Lake area in quiet isolation.  You too can enjoy this idyllic setting and celebrate your life together at the Lodge.