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Fishing in Maine : Guided Trips at Moosehead Lake

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Guided Fishing Trips in Maine

Fishing in Maine in the Moosehead Region offers something for everyone.  A glance at any map reveals a number of bodies of water ranging in size from Moosehead Lake to ponds of only a few acres.  There is plenty of action for spin casters as well as for fly casters; for novices and for experts.  Some waters are easily accessed by car while others require some hiking. Among the popular species are bass, trout, salmon, and togue (the local name for lake trout).  Although Maine has an energetic stocking program, many of the waters contain wild fish – a pleasure to catch and to see.  If this is your first time fishing in the Moosehead area, we recommend the use of a guide who will be able to help you achieve your goals and will offer a wealth of information on the great outdoors in general.  Basic fishing outfits can be purchased in town but are included with fishing expeditions from the Lodge.  Be sure that you have a license and an up-to-date fishing regulation book.  There are several local sites where you may purchase a license, or you may apply for one online from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.

So, Let’s Go Fishing!

The Lodge at Moosehead Lake has been recognized by Outside Magazine as one of the “Top 100 Great Wilderness Lodges in North America”.  Fodor’s Travel Guide says “If Teddy Roosevelt and Ralph Lauren had collaborated on an inn overlooking the biggest lake in Maine’s Northwoods, the result might have been the Lodge at Moosehead Lake.”fishing in Maine

  • 1/2 day trip: $349 for 1 to 2 people
  • Full day trip:  $449 for 1 to 2 people with lunch included.
  • Fly Fishing Lesson:  $449 for 1 to 2 people – Day starts shortly after breakfast at the lodge with classroom time (including video presentation and hands on teaching), casting practice on the lawn, then to the river to learn how to wade, read the water and much more. Lunch included.

Reserve your room and fill out our Fishing Trip Questionnaire to book your trip today!

The Lodge has a list of some great places for open water fishing – just check our Guest Services book when you arrive. All of these waters have boat access with parking available.  Consult the law book as these lakes since they may have special regulations.  The open water fishing season is from April 1 – September 30, except for Moosehead Lake, which doesn’t open until May 1.  Generally the ice does not go out on any of these lakes until late April or early May.

fishing in Maine Moosehead Lake

Trolling on Moosehead Lake

When you book a fishing trip at the Lodge, one of the options can be trolling. This is a classic fishing-style known only to this New England area. Catching native brook and lake trout, and landlocked salmon in this style is very exciting. It is typically done in May and June on the top of the water or along the shoreline. Trolling is superior early morning and late evening. Maine has the best population of native brook trout. It also is one of the few places to have landlocked Atlantic salmon, mostly because of the cold water found in the large Moosehead Lake. Your Registered Maine Guide, Bob Howe, has over 50 years experience trolling tandem hook streamers. This could be just the option for the non-fly fishing enthusiast.

Fly Fishing in Maine -2While trolling, Bob, will point out special attractions and interesting folklore. Learn about our logging history, wildlife, and geology. View local properties, woods, private beaches and campsites, and see terrestrial wildlife.

NOTE: Fishing in June and early July in Lily Bay on Moosehead Lake has reportedly been very good for small mouth bass. August is not recommended for fishing but it picks up again in September and October.

In the Moosehead Lake region of Maine you can fish for a variety of cold water and warm water species including brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout (locally known as togue), salmon, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and even trophy northern pike – on just about every type of water imaginable.  Within 1 hour of the Lodge, there are over 40 ponds.

The following chart provides a guide for the best fishing from May through October.

Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide
Maine Fishing LodgeStaying at The Lodge at Moosehead Lake provides the fishing enthusiast with everything you are looking for. World class accommodations teamed with a premier Registered Master Maine Guide, Bob Howe. For over forty years Bob has introduced countless numbers of people to the sport of fly-fishing, including things such as fly identification, casting, knots, reading the waters, fly placement and much more. He is uniquely gifted in his ability to read a guest and provide the best possible experience for their expertise and expectations.

So, let’s go fishing! Reserve your room and fill out our Fishing Trip Questionnaire to book your trip today!

What makes for a great night’s sleep?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

At the Lodge we take a good night’s sleep very seriously.  We know are guests are often a little stressed, over worked and need to decompress. Retreat to our cozy Maine lodge and drift away to dreamland in our luxury suites. Here is what you can expect:Cozy robe at our Maine lodge

  1. The very best mattresses money can buy – no kidding. Dennis & Chloe try each one out personally.
  2. 500 plus thread count sheets, pressed as smooth as silk. Close your eyes and imagine crawling in.  Great sensation.
  3. Take a deep breath – that‘s fresh, clean air with a hint of pine.  A wonderful smell. No scented soap or fabric softeners at the Lodge.
  4. Open your windows on a summer night and feel the cool lake air on your face. A good night’s sleep should also include a cool room.
  5. And while those windows are open, you will hear almost nothing.  Such amazing quiet.  Maybe the sound of a loon calling to its mate.

That is all. Then you drift off.

Another New Amenity at the Lodge

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

New alarm clocks have been added to the Carriage House suites. So many of the Lodge guests bring their iPhones, iPads & iPods that we have added these new clocks to make it possible for you to wake and play your own music anytime. Hope you enjoy!

Seaplane Flying Inn in Greenville, Maine

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

What wonderful weather for the International Seaplane Fly-in here in Greenville, Maine.  The lodge was full with pilots and guests enjoying all the fun activities.  We were busy, busy, busy!

Amazing Views from Lodge Suites & Gardens

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

The lodge suites provides privacy and amazing views from their secluded decks and gardens.  These photos were taken from the Baxter Suite.

Moosehead Lake Sunset from the Lodge

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

This was taken minutes ago from the Lodge at Moosehead Lake deck.  Amazing winter night.

Bear Room Upgrades and Refurbished at the Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Friday, February 18th, 2011

For those that have stayed in the Bear room, you’ll remember the before.  We upgraded this very popular room with a custom duvet and matching pillows made with Ralph Lauren fabrics and a great fur throw waiting for you to snuggle up.  The bath has also been refurbished with natural black slate counter top, built in compact refrigerator and new K-cup coffee maker.  Not shown is a remodeled closet that will accomodate your needs better. This has always been a popular room with it’s own deck and now will be even more inviting.

Annual Dog Sled Race near the Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

These photos were taken this morning at the start of the 100 mile dog sled race in Greenville, Maine.  They will end their trip at the Fish & Wildlife offices with a bonfire and celebrate the winners.  The dogs were beautiful and ready to run.  The guide used at the lodge was participating and the conditions were perfect.  Be sure to schedule a once in a lifetime experience when you stay at the lodge this winter.

Moose Bath Room Upgrade

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Just completed – the Moose bathroom upgrade.  A new vanity was built using rustic wood with inlaid birch and New England red slate counter top.  A compact refrigerator has also been built in for our guests’ convenience.  The larger counter gives us room to add a new K-cup coffee maker as well.  Similar upgrades are being completed in the Bear room.  Soon, most of our rooms will have these new amenities.

Left – completed bathroom
Bottom right – old bathroom
Top right – bathroom in remodeling process

Refurbished Guest Pantry at the Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

We tackled refurbishing the Guest Pantry to improve the look and functionality for our guests just in time for the New Year’s Eve weekend.  We found 3 layers of flooring that was removed and replaced with ceramic tile, added a smaller refrigerator, small sink with instant hot water for teas and hot chocolate and built in trash receptacle below the sink. The counter top was also replaced with New England Red slate.  With all our remodeling projects, we aim to maintain the original feel of the lodge and we think we have. Now we have much more usable space for snacks and beverages available anytime.