Chloe Adds to Relaxation at Lodge

Chloe, the Lodge French Bulldog, takes her job seriously. Guests often come to the Lodge to relax and enjoy the great views of Moosehead Lake. Chloe is here to help. She knows they miss their dogs. She is always the first to greet a new guest and provides special affection that only Chloe can do.

Dog’s Life at the Lodge

Bailey, a 6 year old French Bulldog and her family Sandy and Art spent five days in the Allagash pet friendly suite at the Lodge at Moosehead Lake. This is the life of a dog at the Lodge, sleeping, hiking and enjoying the views.

French Bulldogs visit Lodge

Madeline Rose and Eloise Violet, sister French Bulldogs visited the Lodge this November. They stayed in our Pet Friendly Allagash Suite with all the comforts of home including food bowls, treats and dog bed snuggled up by the fireplace. The girls are about the same age as our French Bulldog “Chloe” which all our guests…