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Memorable Adventures on Lobster Lake

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Memorable Adventure #1

In one very special day you can experience the vast North Woods of Maine and Moosehead Lake through an exclusive trip offered only by the Lodge. Take a ride on a chartered float plane from Greenville to the Penobscot River. From the plane you will see that Lobster Lake is shaped like a Lobster claw. After skipping to a halt on the water, you will be met by a private guide who will direct you (he will expect you to do the rowing since he is, after all, just the “guide”) down the river to Lobster Lake. Learn about the wildlife, history and nature that surrounds you. Upon disembarking from your canoe, you will be met by the Lodge’s chef. Enjoy a leisurely lunch on the shore and then fly back to Greenville and relive your adventure over a complimentary cocktail at Chloe’s Pub.

Times: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
Party: 2
Price: $845 for party of 2; additional parties require another flight but at reduced rates
Reservations: Maybe changed based on weather
Schedule: Primary date and alternative date
Payment: Charged to your room
Starting and Ending Point: Jack’s Air Service, Greenville Maine (3 miles from the Lodge on Lily Bay Road)
Availability: June 1 – October 15

I have my own plane, can I fly into Greenville?

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Yes!! From Cubs to small jets you’ll find two runways: 14-32 is a 4,000 foot lit runway with GPS Approach for Runway 14, 3-21 is a 3,000 foot runway which is not lighted. You’ll find clearance delivery on 22.3 (Bangor Flight Service). 100 LL Avgas is available. To answer any questions concerning the airport, flying instructions, float plane certification, maintenance, etc. please call Max Folsom 207-695-2821. We can assist with rental vehicle arrangements.

Fly-in Weekend at The Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

It can best be described as a reunion of pilots and spectators from all over the World who converge on Moosehead Lake each September the weekend after Labor Day; Anyone who has any interest in planes will enjoy their time here . . . whether participating in or watching any of the float plane contests or having an interest in buying, selling, or learning about planes, you’ll have a fascinating time. During Fly-In weekend, the Greenville Municipal Airport welcomes over 250 small craft and over 100 float planes on the Lake. Another attraction is that the only DC-3 on floats in the world, is right here in Greenville! If you are a pilot, think about getting your float plane certification . . . staying here at the Lodge we’ll be able to help you with all the arrangements!!!