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Maine Wildlife Tracking & Adventure Packages

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Tracking Maine Wildlife (1)
Maine is well known for its wildlife. Our state has one of the largest moose and black bear populations in the “Lower 48”. Guest of the Lodge at Moosehead Lake that are interested in Maine wildlife watching can get a complete list of all the animals you can find in the North woods of Maine. Animal track cards are also available, making it easier for the keen eye to spot 58 species of mammals occupying this natural habitat which is all around you.

While Maine has an abundance of wildlife, several species of mammals have either gone extinct or have been AnimalTracksextirpated from the state. These include the sea mink, caribou, eastern cougar, and wolf. Currently, there are several species of mammals that are in danger of extinction. The New England cottontail is listed as state endangered and now numbers less than 300 animals in Maine. The northern bog lemming only occurs in a few sites in Maine and is state listed as threatened. Although not currently listed as endangered, the little brown bat has lost most of its population due to white-nosed syndrome, a fungal disease that mainly affects bats that hibernate together. It is expected that the little brown bat, once Maine’s most common bat, may become extirpated from the Northeast in less than 15 years.

Trekking in Maine’s North woods or taking a trip with a seasoned guide can result in lots of wildlife sightings. How many can you find during your stay at our Maine bed and breakfast resort?

Maine loon birding

Common Loon

Great North American Animals

Black Bear

Bob Cat
Canadian Lynx
Eastern Coyote
Black Bear

Black Bear

Long-tailed Weasel
Red Fox
Otter Family in Maine

River Otter

River Otter
Snowshoe Hare
Striped Skunk
Whitetail Deer
    • Garter
    • Northern Red belly
    • Ring Neck
northern flying squirrel

Northern Flying Squirrel

  • Smooth Green
  • Northern Snapping
  • Eastern Painted
    • Eastern Red-backed
leopard frog maine

Leopard Frog

  • Spotted
Frogs and Toads
    • American Toad
    • Bull Frog
    • Green Frog
    • Leopard
    • Mink
    • Spring Peeper
Pam Thompson Moose

North American Moose

  • Wood Frog
  • Northern Short-tailed
  • Star-nosed
  • House
  • Jumping meadow/wooded
  • White Foot DeerLittle Brown Bat
Eastern Chipmunk
Beaver Maine

North American Beaver

  • Grey
  • Northern Flying
  • Red

Fall Foliage from the Lodge on 9/25/2010

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

These pictures were taken from the Lodge deck on the morning of September 25.  Color is coming fast and it appears peak maybe next weekend.  Be sure to get your accommodations at the lodge to take advantage of this amazing sight.

Fall Canoe Trips from the Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Enjoy the natural beauty of the North woods fall foliage and the solitude of a canoe ride on a remote mountain pond.  This special four hour trip during September and early October starts with a walking trail to the pond where a canoe has been stored for your ride.  Our own Registered Maine guide will provide area stories and wildlife knowledge. Paddle through the quiet beauty listening to the water drop from your paddle and loons call through the air.  It is a respite you’ll long remember.  Call the lodge 207-695-4400 to reserve your trip with a lodging stay.

What changes have you made to the Lodge since you’ve been here?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

This is a common question by many guests so we are going to take this blog post to answer it. The lodge became a country inn in 1995. Our goal is to offer discerning travelers the opportunity to surround themselves with authentic North woods décor, cuisine, and a full slate of comforts and amenities. The original owners started down this path and we wanted to bring this back adding some of our own touches as well. We stay in every room throughout the year just to be sure it is comfortable and not missing something. Some of our changes are here:

  • New 2-bedroom suite “Mt. Kineo” that can accommodate 2 couples or teenage children, etc.
  • New Katahdin bathroom with enlarged tile shower, floor, double Jacuzzi-style tub and new vanity
  • New parking lot within easy access of the suites
  • New septic system
  • Drainage system around the lodge
  • Remodeled dining room with bench seating
  • New white cedar fencing around the parking areas
  • New website with real time availability and booking engine.
  • New HD TVs in the Bear, Moose, and Allagash Suite
  • Compact refrigerators added to the Loon and Totem rooms
  • New Keurig single serve coffee makers in the suites
  • New CD clock radios in the suites with MP3 player plug-ins
  • New white towels that are Egyptian cotton in the suites and Turkish cotton in the lodge rooms.
  • New luxury chocolate brown bathrobes
  • New patio umbrellas
  • Front porch rebuilt
  • New covered dining entrance
  • New roof on the lodge
  • Newly designed amenities for all the rooms
  • New glassware for bar and dining
  • Redesigned and landscaped gardens throughout the lodge property
  • New window treatments, custom shower curtains, duvets and some reupholstered chairs in the Moose, Baxter Suite, Totem, Trout, and Mt. Kineo suite.  This winter will be doing the Loon and Bear rooms.
  • New “Up North Cuisine” dinner menu based on guest input – more casual, flexible and continues the warm comfortable feeling of the lodge.
  • Martini Menu including the Mooseopolitan™ Martini.
  • Wood burning furnace that heats the lodge and water to save on oil use.
  • Resource of hiking trails in each room
  • Annual guest surveys to see how we are doing and identify opportunities.
  • Full concierges’ services for reserving dinner and activities.

Family and friends have told us for years that our home was warm and inviting.  This is what drew us to the Lodge.  It is great to share with so many!

Katahdin Suite Bathroom – A Piece of Art

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

The Katahdin Suite – often called the most romantic room at the Lodge has a newly remodeled bathroom complete with tile floor, enlarged tile shower with rain shower head, tiled double jacuzzi-style tub and double vanity.  This vanity is a piece of art and not to be found anywhere else.  The vanity is made from rustic wood found on the property and finished with real copper top.  Notice the birch wood door inserts.  The middle section, that looks like 3 drawers is actually a compact refrigerator.  And don’t forget the bathroom fireplace…what a treat.

New Front Porch on the Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Friday, May 7th, 2010

The Lodge continues to do improvements to provide first class accommodations to our guests.  Currently we are rebuilding the front porch with new decking (made from recycled milk cartons) and  in keeping with the 1917 Cape Cod styling representative of the Lodge at Moosehead Lake. This will be completed in the next few days, in good time for you to enjoy.

Honeymoon or Anniversary at the Lodge

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

You may of wondered why we use eagles to represent our honeymoon and anniversary package.   Eagle pairs mate for life, although if one dies, the other will promptly find a new mate. Each couple stakes out a territory of about two miles square and protects it from all other eagles. Nests are built in high trees or in rocky crags, and can reach five feet or more in diameter. There they care for and raise the few chicks that hatch each year, training them to carving a living out of the North woods. Only one to three eggs are laid, and those only when the weather and conditions seem good for raising a chick. The eggs are incubated for just over a month, and after three to four months, they are flying and almost self sufficient.

Bald Eagles have come back from endangered species status and have rebuilt a stable population.  They can live for up to thirty years and can be spotted in many areas of the Moosehead Lake area in quiet isolation.  You too can enjoy this idyllic setting and celebrate your life together at the Lodge.

Eco Tours and Environment Friendly at the Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
We take the environment seriously at the Lodge.  When you stay with us, you can be comfortable knowing that the Lodge is heated with an outdoor wood furnace.  Wood is an abundant renewable resource in this area.  Rebuilding decks includes composite decking material from recycled milk cartons that look great and last a lifetime.  Water conservation is also important including new laundry and dishwashers that use only a gallon of water per load, not to mention our weekly recycling program for glass, plastic, cans, etc.

The lodge offers Eco Tours including background on the ecology of the plants, trees, wildlife, Indian facts and legends, the lumber era and the routes the famous naturalist Henry David Thoreau. Enjoy canoeing/kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing – minimal motors on this trip.