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Vintage Maine Canoe Restored

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

vintage Maine canoe

The restoration of a vintage canoe is surely a labor of love. The iconic Old Town Canoe Company, located in Old Town, Maine was started in 1898 and to this day will make you a wood and canvas canoe for about $9,000.

Today’s canoes from modern fiberglass, plastic and aluminum out sell the wood because of their durability and reduced price. But, canoeing enthusiasts that know the sport well respect the handling quality of a wooden and canvas canoe.

Moonlight Canoe Trip

You will experience first-hand the beauty and grace of a vintage Maine canoe when you reserve the “Moonlight Canoe Ride” at our luxury Maine lodge. David Giampetruzzi, a Lodge Registered Maine Guide, has personally restored several canoes. He beams with pride from hundreds of pain staking hours to preserve a true piece of history in heirloom quality for your enjoyment.
restoring wood canoesMost recently completed was a “war canoe”, first constructed during World War II. Because of the war effort and scarcity of brass, the tacks and hardware on the canoe are steel. In the restoration process, David chose to revert to brass tacks.  This canoe is 75 years old, hand crafted of wood – cedar ribs and planking, then covered with canvas and painted.  There is not a hint of modern material although this construction method replaced the use of birch bark or animal skins previously used for centuries.  It was considered a revolutionary transition and improvement more than a century ago.

The wood and canvas canoe is the work horse for the legendary Maine Guide. It was used in remote ponds, beaver flows and rivers extensively during its heydays of 1900-1940s. Even today, these canoes are highly sought for restoration and enjoyment on the water.

The restoration of a wood and canvas canoe typically includes the following steps:

  1. Removal of gunwales, stem bands, keel and old canvas- fun and typically easy. But, it can be a problem if a brass screw is broken off after being there for six or more decades
  2. Strip the old varnish from the interior – tedious work and can be out sourced to an experienced stripper.
  3. Repair or replace broken gunwales, ribs and planking as needed. This is involved since you have to bend the wood through a process of steaming and setting in a mold for a week or more to shape.
  4. Apply a coat of boiled linseed oil to exterior plannking – quick and easy.
  5. Varnish the interior of the canoe – straight forward but requires attention to detail, good preparation and a controlled environment.
  6. Prep and re-canvass the exterior hull which includes stretching the canvas, tacking the canvas to the edges and stem; then remove excess material.
  7. Apply filler to the new canvas, which requires three weeks to cure.
  8. Apply primer and the three finish coats of paint. Now is time to be excited since the end of months of work is near.
  9. Re-install gunwales, stem bands, keel, if desired, and trim.  It’s ready for the water.

Detailing a vintage canoe is required and desired.  This is a working canoe so not to showboat standards but still “fine”.  Look for a vintage canoe that may be on display in summer months at the Lodge at Moosehead Lake.

What Makes Lodge at Moosehead Lake Special?

Friday, July 4th, 2014

This question runs through our head many times as we help guests with their reservations and itineraries. Guests come to the Lodge from all over the world and most are very well traveled.  

It could be our unobstructed view of the lake and surrounding mountains.  When you sit on your private deck, gazing quietly at the view, you see only nature around you.  There are no roads, electric lines, trucks or cars – just the trees, lake, maybe “Phil” our local groundhog, a leaping deer, wild turkey or soaring hawk.  The breeze is relaxing, as is the spell of fresh pine.

Moosehead Lake The rooms are as unique as you will find. Combining the elegance of 550 thread count sheets with custom made bed coverings, oriental rugs and twig furniture produces the rustic elegance we are trying to create.  Our bathroom vanities are handmade by the owner, Dennis Bortis.  Each is one of a kind, constructed of local wood with inlaid birch bark.  They are functional as well as beautiful –  a piece of art. Lodge at Moosehead Lake You have probably dined on Italian, French, and Mexican but only at the Lodge have we created our very own “Up North Cuisine”.  You won’t find a rack of lamb here but you will find stuffed trout, Bison Short Rib Pie, Lobster Mac & Cheese and a perfectly grilled beef filet.  After years of testing and refining, we find our menu is perfect.  We try to offer at least five entrees, five starters and two to three desserts – the options are so varied that a guest can join us every night. We only serve our lodging guests – this allows us the opportunity to give you the table for the evening, we never worry about turns.  We are here to make your stay and yours alone the best it can be.  

We are an adventure lodge.  It is here that Moose Safaris started in the Moosehead Lake area, long before outfitters arrived.  From our beginning as a Lodge, we have constructed unique adventures including the ORIGINAL Fly-in Canoe Trip – a full day of fun in the Moosehead Lake region, starting with a float plane ride, including fishing, canoeing and/or hiking and ending with a wildlife tour often including a moose sighting. If you are so lucky to catch a fish within limits, our chef will prepare it for you. There is so much to enjoy and experience.  You’ll find great accommodations and even gourmet food in the region, but only at the lodge do you get it all. . . Adventure, Pampering and Delicious Food.  That’s why the Lodge is listed in 1000 Places to Visit; make it your stop too.

Allagash Suite Honors Herb Cochran – Greenville, Maine

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Every room at the Lodge at Moosehead Lake has been uniquely decorated to enable the guest to experience more of what the Maine North woods are all about… all with love and great detail.  The Allagash suite is no exception. This suite was named after the late  Herb Cochran, who at the time lived next door and started the Allagash Canoe Trips along with his son Warren. The Christmas before he passed away, he gave the original Lodge owners, his  “POLE” that he used on these trips. The Allagash suite was named in his honor.  On the long inside wall halfway between the living room & bedroom area hangs this pole and suspended from it were several oars that were also given by folks from the Moosehead community.

Additional details includes the boom chains from which the beds are suspended.  These came from nearby Rockwood, Maine.

With the addition of the Lodge’s new poling canoe trip – guests can now experience an outdoor skill that has been almost lost.  Step back in time and find hidden spots in this remote region only accessible through your canoe and a pole.  At the Lodge, it is all about the authentic Maine woods experience – in true luxury.

Fall Canoe Trips from the Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Enjoy the natural beauty of the North woods fall foliage and the solitude of a canoe ride on a remote mountain pond.  This special four hour trip during September and early October starts with a walking trail to the pond where a canoe has been stored for your ride.  Our own Registered Maine guide will provide area stories and wildlife knowledge. Paddle through the quiet beauty listening to the water drop from your paddle and loons call through the air.  It is a respite you’ll long remember.  Call the lodge 207-695-4400 to reserve your trip with a lodging stay.

Moose Sightings from the Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

May and June are great months to come to the Moosehead Lake region to see Moose. It is calving season and not uncommon to see twins. Call the Lodge to book your room  and let us reserve a Moose Safari and Wildlife trip with our Registered Maine Guide. These photos were taken by Lodge guests.

Memorable Adventures on Lobster Lake

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Memorable Adventure #1

In one very special day you can experience the vast North Woods of Maine and Moosehead Lake through an exclusive trip offered only by the Lodge. Take a ride on a chartered float plane from Greenville to the Penobscot River. From the plane you will see that Lobster Lake is shaped like a Lobster claw. After skipping to a halt on the water, you will be met by a private guide who will direct you (he will expect you to do the rowing since he is, after all, just the “guide”) down the river to Lobster Lake. Learn about the wildlife, history and nature that surrounds you. Upon disembarking from your canoe, you will be met by the Lodge’s chef. Enjoy a leisurely lunch on the shore and then fly back to Greenville and relive your adventure over a complimentary cocktail at Chloe’s Pub.

Times: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
Party: 2
Price: $845 for party of 2; additional parties require another flight but at reduced rates
Reservations: Maybe changed based on weather
Schedule: Primary date and alternative date
Payment: Charged to your room
Starting and Ending Point: Jack’s Air Service, Greenville Maine (3 miles from the Lodge on Lily Bay Road)
Availability: June 1 – October 15