Allagash Suite Honors Herb Cochran – Greenville, Maine

Every room at the Lodge at Moosehead Lake has been uniquely decorated to enable the guest to experience more of what the Maine North woods are all about… all with love and great detail.  The Allagash suite is no exception. This suite was named after the late  Herb Cochran, who at the time lived next door and started the Allagash Canoe Trips along with his son Warren. The Christmas before he passed away, he gave the original Lodge owners, his  “POLE” that he used on these trips. The Allagash suite was named in his honor.  On the long inside wall halfway between the living room & bedroom area hangs this pole and suspended from it were several oars that were also given by folks from the Moosehead community.

Additional details includes the boom chains from which the beds are suspended.  These came from nearby Rockwood, Maine.

With the addition of the Lodge’s new poling canoe trip – guests can now experience an outdoor skill that has been almost lost.  Step back in time and find hidden spots in this remote region only accessible through your canoe and a pole.  At the Lodge, it is all about the authentic Maine woods experience – in true luxury.

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One Response to “Allagash Suite Honors Herb Cochran – Greenville, Maine”

  1. Wayne D. Fairbanks says:

    Hi: I am a nephew of Herb’s and have been with him and Warren on the Allagash Canoe trip back in 1959. I was surprised and delighted to see that a Suite had been named in his honor at your lodge. I would like more information on your lodge and hope to someday stay in that room on Moosehead Lake. When I went on the trip with Herb, his base of operation started from an Island in the bay just off of Greenville ME. We were a group of 18 people made up of young teenagers, 2 or 3 Councilors, Warren, and Herb. We had 9 Oldtown canvass bottomed wooden canoes with no motors what-so-ever ( Unlike the Wonderless Group). We started in Greenville and ended in St.Francis ME six weeks later. All our food and mail was flown in by Folsoms air Service out of Greenville. I think all young men should go on a trip of this type because it makes men out of boys.