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Moose Safari & Wildlife Tours
View moose in their natural habitat and learn secrets of the North woods

Considered by many to be the best Moose viewing in the world; enjoy a private canoe journey to a remote mountain pond where our Registered Maine Guide has found secret Moose hangouts. Leaving from the Lodge, you’ll drive about 30 minutes into the backcountry where canoes are waiting. Just imagine paddling on a pristine pond, sighting a large “rock” and then with a loud swish a massive head springs from the water and looks directly at you…it’s a thrill you’ll never forget. What attracts moose to bodies of water is the aquatic vegetation that they feed on. Along the way you might see deer, loons, osprey, possibly a bald eagle, beaver, snowshoe hare, gray squirrel and even otters. Prime moose viewing runs from June to October.

Three to four hour Maine moose tours are in the early morning and afternoon when the moose are most active. Charge for 2 people is $249.00. The Lodge will provide you with a picnic breakfast in the morning or picnic snack for the afternoon. If canoeing is not your thing, it can be customized based on your athletic ability. It’s a private trip so it’s just for you.

Float Plane Ride
Enjoy an eagle’s eye view of nature’s splendor

There is no better way to view the Moosehead region than by air. A floatplane takes off and lands on the water. With an eagle’s eye view you can truly appreciate the spectacular scenery and vastness of this forty by twenty mile lake and surrounding mountains. Who knows, you might even see a moose! Tours range from $55 - $65 per person for thirty to forty minutes. Make your reservation while at our Greenville, ME hotel - weather dependent. Consider a floatplane for a remote fishing expedition from the Lodge or a day of canoeing, lunch on the beach and flight back. You'll fall in love with this historic transportation experience the International Seaplane Fly-in – the second weekend in September every year.

The Original Fly-In Canoe Trip
In one very special day you can experience the vast North woods of Maine and Moosehead Lake through an exclusive trip offered only by the Lodge. Take a 70 minute ride on a chartered float plane from Greenville to the Penobscot River. Fly over Wilson Ponds, the White Cap Mountain, Nahmakanta and Rainbow Lakes circling over Mt. Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine and northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Here you will get an amazing view of Baxter State Park. Upon approaching Lobster Lake, named for is Lobster Claw shape, your pilot will set down on the Penobscot River where you will be meet by your private guide for the remainder of the day. Your guide will direct your canoe down the river to Lobster Lake. Either ride with the guide or paddle on your own. Learn about the wildlife, history and nature that surrounds you. Have a leisurely lunch on the shore. Explore the beach, a dip in the lake, learn canoe poling, maybe fish or take in a fly fishing lesson. Hike the shoreline or Lobster Mountain wrapping up your day with a fireside lobster or steak dinner cooked by your guide shore side. Paddle a short way to your pick up point where your guide will take you back to the lodge during prime time for moose and wildlife sightings. It’s hard to believe there is still country like this in the U.S. and you are in the middle of it!

Times: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm $959.00 for 2 – meals and equipment included. Trip can accommodate up to 4.

Moose Cruise
Peaceful excursion in unspoiled wilderness

The Moose Cruise leaves from the Birches Resort in Rockwood (about 25 minutes from the Lodge) at 7:00 am or 4:00 pm each day. The ride includes a boating excursion on Moosehead Lake into a river that meanders into a wildlife sanctuary to view moose as they go about their daily routine. A minimum of 4 must be registered before the cruise embarks. The pontoon boat will hold up to 20. Rates are $35/person for morning and $45/person for afternoon. The cruise lasts about 2 hours.

White Water Rafting
Mild to wild with breathtaking views and pure fun!

From the mild to the wild, you’ll find some of the best white water rafting in New England with breathtaking scenery and pure fun. There are several scenic trips to choose from, all different levels of difficulty from a mellow Class 1 to a challenging Class V. The Kennebec is ideal for first time rafters and offers 12 miles of flats and deep water. The upper Kennebec gorge is where you’ll ride thrilling rollercoaster waves from 4 to 8 feet high. The Penobscot River is one of the most spectacular and challenging river experiences in the Eastern U.S. Rapids on the Penobscot River are short with sheer drops plunging into calm pools. The Ripogenous Gorge section is most turbulent, dropping over 70 feet per mile through a narrow, granite walled canyon with advance Class V rapids. The South Branch of the Penobscot Canada Falls Section may be Maine's most challenging and exciting river run; it’s steep, narrow, technical, and unforgiving. Guided group trips are approximately $79.00 - $129.00 per person based on day of the week and time of year. Just let us know the type of trip you want on your Moosehead Lake vacation.

ATV Riding
Challenge the rugged North woods terrain

Get out and explore the backcountry of the Moosehead Lake Region! The North Woods is the largest undeveloped forest in the northeast. Maine ATV trails provide hundreds of miles of open terrain, incredible scenery and awesome riding for all skill sets. For the best experience hire a guide to find those secret spots. Trips are offered daily for 1/2 and full day tours. Private or small group trips are available. Superior quality ATV Rentals start at: $145 to $205 for half to full day trips and one to two person machines. Exclusive private guided tours are also available for $75.00 pp (2 person minimum). All riders should wear long pants, durable foot-ware, and long sleeve shirts.

ATV trails close November 15th each year.

Canoeing & Kayaking Trips
Discovering the waterways

Of all the rivers to explore, the West Outlet on Moosehead Lake is one of the best. This is a great river for a relaxing paddle. The waterway consists of scenic ponds, quick water and class 1 white water (the lowest level). Along the shore you are also sure to spot nesting bald eagles, scampering beavers or otters, and even loons calling; you may encounter a mighty moose feeding on underwater vegetation. For the fisherman, this trip offers some of the best bass and trout fishing in the region. It is not unusual to catch smallmouth bass in the 3-5 pound range or trout up to 14 inches, so be sure to bring your fishing rod. Canoes and kayaks can be rented at numerous locations in the area at $25 to $40 dollars a day. Being accompanied by a Registered Maine Guide is another option for canoe trips. Learn to paddle 1 and 2 class rapids. $299.00 for ½ day trip for 2; Full day trips also available.

Canoe Poling
canoe pollingRevisit early years at Moosehead Lake when guides often used poles to navigate shallow water where paddles can’t be used. Most people will canoe for years with just their paddle but there is a whole other side of canoeing that has been largely forgotten. It is the skill of canoe poling. Instead of a paddle, you stand in your canoe and use a long pole to travel up and down the quiet back waters of rivers and marshes. It will open up a whole new world to explore and discover. Find hidden spots that no one else can reach. Learn to manage the weight in your canoe and river current. So get out there, grab a pole, and discover the other side of canoeing with the help of your private canoeing guide. ½ day trip for 2 $299.00

Mt. Kineo Trip
Follow in the footsteps of Thoreau and Chief Kineo himself

In the summer you can catch the hourly shuttle boat from Rockwood (about 25 minutes from the Lodge) to Mount Kineo. Kineo was a world class resort frequented by the wealthiest families in America from the late 1800’s through the 1940’s besides being sacred Indian grounds. Not much remains in the way of physical structure, however, the wonderful trail which is good for mountain biking around the peninsula and two trails (Indian & Bridle) are still well maintained taking 2.5 to 1.5 hours respectively. Be sure to climb the fire tower for a 360° view of the entire Moosehead area. Kineo also offers a protected pebble beach for your swimming and sunning enjoyment. Consider getting a lunch at the Lodge to take with you with 24 hour notice.

Katahdin Boat Cruise
A cruise on Moosehead Lake turns back time

Experience a leisurely cruise while listening to the history of the Moosehead Lake region. Built in 1914 by Bath Iron Works in Maine, the Katahdin has been designated a National Historic Landmark. Originally steam-powered and used to tow booms of logs, she was converted to diesel in 1922.

The cruise schedule runs from the end of June to the first of October. The Katahdin offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Upgrade to the 4.5 hour Mt. Kineo cruise is available on scheduled dates.

History Tour
Accounts of Greenville lore

Learn about the Red Paint People from 3,000 to 6,000 years ago; the unique Mt. Kineo flint sought-after by Indian tribes that migrated through this area to use for arrowheads; the visits by the naturalist – Henry David Thoreau; the logging industry of Maine; history of the luxury Mt. Kineo hotel and today’s tourism industry. The Moosehead Historical Museum offers tours from June through September on Wednesday through Friday from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. The rich and fascinating history is what makes the Moosehead Lake region truly unique. Many pictures of day’s long gone are displayed throughout the Lodge.

Cast your line for Lake Trout, Salmon and Smallmouth Bass

Fishing in the Moosehead region is a year around sport. From fly fishing, trolling or ice fishing, there is something here for everyone. The Lodge at Moosehead Lake has been recognized by Outside Magazine as one of the “Top 100 Great Wilderness Lodges in North America” and by as one of the World’s Top Adventure Lodge Resorts in 2009. The Lodge offers guided fishing trips by our own Master Registered Maine Guide with over 30 years of experience. Each trip is customized based on your experience and expectations. Spring through fall fishing trips: half day trips for 1 or 2 people for $349 or full day trips for 1 to 2 people including lunch and equipment for $449. A Maine Fishing License is required. Ask about fishing school, too.

Over 40 routes including the world famous Appalachian Trail
Forty or so hiking trails exist in the Moosehead area. You’ll find easy to challenging, and from 45 minutes to a full day hike. Experience some of the most spectacular hikes in the northeast including Gulf Hagas called the “Grand Canyon of Maine”. The Lodge Hiking Guide has been refined through countless trips by our lodging guests; you’ll find it in your inn room. The Appalachian Trail passes southeast of Greenville to reach its grand finale at Mt. Katahdin. Enjoy the exercise, the breathtaking scenery and even a jump in a waterfall to cool off. Let the Lodge fix you a picnic lunch for 2…just give us 24 hour notice and rent a guide for the day that will help you experience hiking as a true naturalist.

Watch a video to learn more about hiking in Maine!

Bird Watching
Identify more than 415 species in Maine
Bird watching is the largest spectator sport in America. Maine offers birds a diversity of habitat that supports a very large bird population. There have been more than 415 species of birds recorded in Maine.

If you are a birding enthusiast, you may be interested in the Loon Room with many books on our feathered friends. Visit nearby Borestone Mountain owned by the Maine Audubon Society. Let us know you are here to bird watch and we’ll provide you a pocket guide.

Premier trophy game and waterfowl destination
The great North woods of Maine can offer real excitement for the hunter. Whether you hunt by camera, crossbow or firearm, the Lodge can put a guided trip together for you. Click here for the schedule and limits. Trips can be ½ day, full day or consecutive hunts. We will put you in touch with our Registered Maine Guide who can discuss in depth the prospect for bird, deer, bear, snowshoe hare and other wildlife. At the Lodge our trips are all inclusive; hunting dogs cannot be boarded here.

Scenic Drives
Amazing views from the comfort of your car

Every autumn, diminishing daylight and falling temperatures induce trees to present a spectacular color show in brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. Typically our best viewing is late September and early October. We have collected five scenic loops for those traveling by automobile that will dazzle the most avid leaf-peeper. They are readily kept in your guest services book in each inn room. It includes 210 miles of beauty.

Ride in, ride out from the Lodge over groomed trails and enjoy incredible scenery

There is no better way to explore the Moosehead Lake region then by snowmobile from January through March. The lodge provides easy access to the 12,000 miles of Maine ITS (Interstate Trail System) trails directly from the Lodge. We will assist in sled rentals with space for sled parking, trailers and equipment storage. Rentals start at $155 (half day) to $240 (full day) for a single or $175 (half day) to $240 (full day) for a double or 2-up sled. Hourly rental is also available. If you are new to the area, we suggest a guided trip. Experienced guides are $125 (1/2 day) to $180 (full day) Clothes can be rented for $25/day. Now that’s hard to beat.

Mush your own dogsled, a memorable adventure

Mush to your own dogsled when you take a ride through the scenic North Woods of Maine, you’ll experience the unique sensation of gliding mesmerized by the scenery and snow clicking off the paws of your team. This is an exceptional and memorable adventure. Your professional guide will teach you how to harness your dogs and steer the sled. Each of the hardworking sled dogs in your team has a special personality you won’t be able to resist. Despite their “wolfish” appearance, they are friendly and love attention. But what they love most is to RUN…and with an energy and enthusiasm that is amazing. The extensive training of both dogs and your Registered Maine Guide will contribute to a safe and comfortable sled dog experience. The Lodge will send you on your way with a full thermos of gourmet hot chocolate. Consider this adventure easy to moderate in difficulty. Private trips are $379 per party of 2 for 3 to 4 hours. Advance reservations required.

Full day trip
Make it a full day trip including hot lunch prepared over an open fire. Good physical condition is necessary, but previous experience is not needed. $999 for party of 2.

Cross Country Skiing
A peaceful way to see incredible beauty and wildlife

Cross country skiers enjoy more than 100 miles of groomed trails including nearby Lily Bay State Park. You’ll glide through spruce and pine forests with incredible views of frozen waterfalls, mountains, ponds and lakes. This sport provides the perfect retreat for nature lovers wanting to catch a glimpse of moose, deer, eagles, rabbits and other native animals, or the fun of identifying all the tracks that intersect your path! Within thirty minutes of the Lodge is the Birches, located in Rockwood, Maine. This 11,000 acre wilderness resort offers over 12 miles of groomed cross country skiing trails. For other outdoor winter fun, try Big Squaw Mountain Ski Resort. Downhill skiing on one of the most scenic mountains you’ll find in Maine. Telephone: 207-695-1000. Order a thermos of gourmet hot chocolate or Moose-A-Lix™ trail mix from the Lodge.

Ice Fishing
A unique adventure in a stove heated fish house

Be adventurous, bundle up, get outside and try fishing in a whole new way–through the ice! Ice fishing action can be fast and furious when winter seals Moosehead Lake under ice. We have a comfortable trip waiting for you with the aid of a Registered Maine Guide and a wood stove heated fish house on Moosehead Lake. There you will place your fishing “tip ups” in drilled holes in the ice. Breakfast is cooked in the hut along with hot coffee and hot chocolate. Fishing gear is provided. Cost $195 to $299. A Maine fishing license is required.

Winter adventure in deep snow

Adventure over deep new fallen snow to the peace and beauty of the North Woods of Maine. Head out on your own to Gulf Hagas where the deep and narrow slate cliffs are dramatic in winter. Ice forms on the walls, creating avenues of vertical blue, impossibly long icicles hang from jagged rocks. On the way to the rim, you’ll pass a series of impressive waterfalls, frozen in midair on their tumble down the river basin. Thick layers of icy cascades hang on snow-covered rocks. The colors are amazing; a rainbow of deep blue, green, black, and white. Directions to this trek are in your room guest services book.

Maine guides are also available to schedule a private trip. Without the noise and bustle of civilization, snowshoeing provides a great opportunity to view and track wildlife all winter long including Maine’s majestic moose. AM, PM at $195 per party of 2 or all-day trips available. The Lodge sends you on your way with an animal tracks pocket guide and Moose-A-Lix™ trail mix.

Lodge at Moosehead Lake
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